Sausage Making

In my last blog I referred to a fundraiser we had and this blog is about the sausage we made from all the rib trimmings.We did 93 racks altogether so we trimmed 93 side ribs into St.Louis style ribs.This is a technique that is very simple that makes them look nicer than just side ribs.If you are interested in finding out more about this watch this youtube video,it is very informative.

So back to my original blog theme of sausage making, there were tubs and tubs of these trimmings ,we have made rib tips and pulled pork and almost everything out of them in the past and this time we decided that  they would make good sausage with a bit of knife work.So one afternoon armed with a big tub of meat a few knives ,sharpeners and cold beer we sat down and started trimming the meat down..The large flap of meat was easy we just removed any silver skin , the tips were a little trickier they required some fileting off of the bone and silver skin removal. After trimming and such we put the meat through an electric grinder with a medium sized plate.

Grinding The Meat

 63 pounds

After the meat was ground we got our spices together ,we decided on Old World Italian Sausage  .The recipe was for 8 lbs so we times it by 8 . Here is what we used for 63 lbs.

Old World Italian Sausage

16 teaspoons of salt

8  teaspoons black pepper

32 teaspoons of fennel seeds

32 teaspoons of dried oregano

8 teaspoons of garlic powder

32 teaspoons of paprika

We were very fortunate to have access to a large mixer which saved us considerable time and energy.

Giant Mixer

Meat Mixed

So stuffing the casings came next and because I was holding the casings and controlling the flow and Randy was feeding the elecric grinder /stuffer we didn’t get a picture of this process ,however I got a picture of the finished product.

Finished Sausage

 After we stuffed all the casings we cut them into about 16″ pieces and twisted them into two links and froze them six to a bag.They can be cooked as is or BBQd like a deli sausage or we thaw them and smoke them low and slow to make sausage you can slice cold and eat with crackers.and cheese.


 Smoked In Green Egg

Finally Get To Try It

Well that concludes this blog I hope you enjoyed it..We have many more to come.