The Road To Las Vegas

There has been lots of stuff happening this year @ Mclay Bros ,the biggest being the news that we won a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championshipd in Las Vegas this November.

So my idea in this blog is to kind of trace our steps along the way right from the start of the competition year.

We had a shaky start to the competition year because I was just recovering from some surgery and we didnt know how I would feel or how long it would be until I would be able to compete.We signed up for ROC City Ribfest in Rochester New York and were all excited to go but less than a week before the contest I was called back to the hospital for a second operation.,we were very lucky that the organizers were able to return our entry fee.

We then decided that a contest almost in our back yard called Qing for life was so close and it had a whole hog category that we should go to it even if I was just going to go and not do much, and even go home for the night and not stay over.

We got everything ready for the contest with some help from a new team member and family i was only out of hospital for a week or so and i wasnt a great help but I did do what I could.So we headed to the venue in New Hamburg a small community that is between Woodstock and Kitchener it is a quaint little hamlet.The organizer for the event was Wilmot Area Life Donor Association…WALDA for short. It is an organ donor awareness organization , you should check them out at